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Benefits of ASR Mentoring

ASR Mentoring

Benefits of ASR Mentoring

Mentoring will have a clear and positive effect on the personal and professional development of the mentee. It is also intended to benefit the mentors and the organisations they work for.

Your involvement as a Mentor supports an undergraduate by:

  • Giving them an insight into your work and career
  • Assisting them with practical tips on planning a successful job search strategy
  • Offering advice and guidance with their career thinking and their transition from undergraduate to young professional
  • Developing understanding, skills and problem-solving support
  • Encouraging reflection and recognise and celebrate effective practice
  • Identifying areas for development and improve self-confidence

Your involvement will benefit you and your organisation as the project allows you the opportunity to:

  • Develop and practise coaching skills
  • Demonstrate your commitment to equality and diversity
  • Gain a real understanding of diversity issues facing students
  • Share the knowledge and experience gained at University
  • Take part in a innovative nationally funded project
  • Target undergraduates when other departments take up the material produced
  • Improve job satisfaction, motivation and enhance peer recognition
  • Encourage self-reflection and develop specific skills

The principles in mentoring

The following principles underpin the project and the mentoring scheme:

  1. There must be shared understanding of and agreement with the purposes of the mentoring scheme
  2. The process has to be understood by all those taking part
  3. The mentoring project is a constructive, developmental form of support – of mutual benefit to those taking part
  4. There will be adequate training, preparation and support for those taking part in the mentoring scheme
  5. A clear understanding of an agreement on the level of confidentiality will be required within the mentoring relationship
  6. Any written record produced should be appropriate to the needs of the mentor and mentee. Records – including, where, used, recorded – should be accessible to the mentee
  7. The mentoring scheme will reflect and promote a commitment to equal opportunities
  8. Open communication and consultation will occur throughout the implementation and management of the scheme
  9. The continuing development of the mentoring scheme will require regular reviews of its operation
  10. Participants will create a time frame both for the frequency of meetings and for the duration of the relationship