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The Brand

The Brand


What does The Logo Say About The Team?
Our crest is very unique.  The main part of the crest represents the football pitch, with one red dot which represents a target. In other words, we use sports as a stepping stone for young people to develop in many ways possible, to reach the goal, to reach the target.

Why Football?
Football requires teamwork to reach its target. There are eleven players, each with different objectives and different roles but one goal. In football it is vital for all players to work as team to reach the goal.

As with any kind of organisation it is important that everyone plays a part in order to achieve the goal. This is one of the underlying achievements that the young people will gain when they play apart of our team. They will understand what their role is and why it is important for them to be apart of the team.

Eleven Players One Heartbeat?
What does it mean? Simple. On the pitch our eleven players breathe the same air, they struggle as one unit, and their heart beats as one to achieve one goal.
As any other company or organisation whether they have 100 employees or a 1000, their hearts need to beat as one in order to achieve their target or goal.