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The Benefits

We believe young people will benefit greatly from our project.  Firstly, they will be exercising regularly in order to be fit enough to play.  We already have a coach, who will concentrate a lot on fitness and health, which is obviously very important.  We hope young people will learn how to get and stay healthy, and this is important for their development throughout life.  Hopefully, being part of the team will be fun, which should encourage young people to continue to stay fit, even after they leave the team.

Strict training and practice regimes will promote discipline, which again is a transferable attribute.  Working closely with people of different backgrounds and faiths will not only encourage respect, but also education about different people and their beliefs.

This is vital in an ever changing world where multiculturalism and diversity are clearly the way forward for society.  The team captain will change regularly, and encourage young people to lead, both diplomatically and effectively.  We also hope to enrol some the young people in coaching and refereeing courses, should they choose to pursue their interest further.  Ultimately, we hope to develop leaders and role models, and encourage skills that will be useful in life.

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