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Our Aim

Our Aim

There are a number of issues that we are trying to tackle, many of which have deeply rooted causative factors.  Antisocial behaviour, racism and violence are terms often used in the same sentence.  We also live in an area where drugs and drug abuse are a huge problem.

By setting up a Sunday league team, we hope to add some structure and discipline to playing football, and hope this may transfer off the football pitch and into the daily life of our young people.  Having strict training and practice regimes will encourage young people to work together towards a common goal, and hopefully allow them to see that there is more to growing up then getting involved with drugs and crime.

Playing with people of different ages, races, faiths and backgrounds will encourage respect for each other and develop good citizens for the future.  The team also aims to keep young people busy, diverting their attention away from antisocial behaviour, and towards discipline.

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