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Health & Safety

Health and Safety

1. Scope of the Policy

The Management Team of ASR Learning Centre is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy environment and for providing safe equipment and procedures for all staff, members, visitors and learners involved in activities. They recognise also their responsibility to consider the health and safety of visitors or any other person whose health or safety may be affected by the provision’s activities.

Ensuring that health and safety are safeguarded, so far as is reasonably practicable, ranks equally with any other managerial or supervisory responsibility. There is also a legal and moral responsibility on all employees to safeguard their own health and safety and to co-operate with the employer by following established procedures and bring to the attention of management any health and safety problems of which they are aware.

2. Broad Goals

The aim is to ensure that health and safety becomes an integral part of all activities and that it is achieved in a way that is consistent with curriculum, and other, needs.

The Management Team wish to encourage the recognised Trade Unions to exercise their rights to appoint safety representatives at the project, as provided for in the Health and Safety at Work (etc) Act 1974 and wish to work in a constructive and co-operative way with such safety representatives in order to promote high standards of health and safety.

2.3 This policy will be reviewed at least annually by the Management Team to ensure that it is kept up to date.

Organisational Structure and Responsibilities
3. General
3.1 Overall responsibility for managing effective health and safety policy and procedures, including ensuring the provision of any necessary training rests with the Management Team. Day to day executive responsibility rests with the provision manager.

3.2 The Manager is appointed as health and safety liaison officer for the provision and, after training, will co-ordinate the arrangements for maintaining statutory procedures/records required under the Health and Safety at Work Act. He/she will also keep this policy document under review and initiate action if it needs to be changed to keep up to date, e.g. because of changes in legislation or responsibilities.

3.3 Notwithstanding the appointment of a Health and Safety Liaison Officer, each member of staff, or other person with supervisory control over any provision activity, has a duty to ensure that agreed health and safety procedures are implemented for their activity. Each staff member will periodically carry out a check and will bring any health and safety problems to the attention of the provision manager

3.4 ASR Learning Centre staffs have the responsibility to check the general condition of the premises and for ensuring that Health and Safety hazards are dealt with. Where action required is outside his/her authority or ability, the matter will be reported to the provision manager and/or ASR staff for appropriate action.

3.5 A regular review of arrangements and/or audit will be carried out.

4. Specific Hazards/Designated Duties
4.1 Fire Precautions

4.1.1 The provision manager is responsible for ensuring that Fire Drills are carried out in accordance with Local Authority guidelines and for coordinating other aspects of fire safety at the school, including ensuring staff and users are aware of the emergency meeting point.

4.2 First Aid

4.2.1 An up to date list of trained “First Aiders” and “Appointed Persons” will be posted up in the project and Office. A First Aid box, as required by the First Aid at Work Regulations 1981, will be kept in the Office. The First aider will arrange that the contents of the box are replenished as necessary.
4.3 Accident and Ill Health Reporting

4.3.1 The First Aider is responsible for ensuring that a record of all accidents is kept. Copies of forms sent should be kept on site by the provision manager.

4.4 Equipment and Electrical Testing

4.4.1 The arrangements for periodic testing of the fixed electrical installation on the site are the responsibility of ASR as leaseholders.

4.4.2 Day to day inspection of all equipment to detect visible signs of damage of deterioration rests with the user, or in the case of equipment used by members, with the volunteer.

4.4.3 Any equipment found to be unserviceable, or in any case of doubt, will be taken out of service, adequately labelled, locked away and the defect reported to the provision manager who will arrange for repair or replacement. All electrical equipment brought into the provision from other sources, e.g. on loan, will be checked for its suitability for the purpose for which it is to be used. The person arranging for its provision has a duty to ensure that this is done. The personal property of volunteer, used on site, must also be checked for safety.

4.5 Hazardous Substances

4.5.1 No hazardous chemical agents will be used in the provision until an assessment has been carried out in accordance with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1988 (COSHH).

4.6 Visitors

4.6.1 The provision volunteer are responsible for arranging that the arrival/ departure of all visitors to the project (other than parents collecting/delivering children) is entered into the visitors book to be kept by a designated volunteer.

4.7 Contractors

4.7.1 The primary duty for establishing and monitoring safe working of contractual maintenance on the ASR premises rests with Luton Borough Council’s Property Services Division. The Health and Safety Liaison Officer will liaise on a day to day basis with contractors working on the site from the point of view of the health and safety interface between their work and the functioning of the provision. The provision of information on emergency arrangements at the school will form part of this liaison.

4.7.2 Where the provision commissions work direct from a contractor the Management Team will assume the responsibilities otherwise falling to Property Services Division.

4.8 Visits

4.8.1 A risk assessment for each visit must be produced…

4.8.2 The Visit Organiser is responsible for ensuring a first aid box is taken then the Visit Organiser must complete the forms

5. General
5.1 The procedures used in ASR Learning Centre will cover:

5.1.1 General guidelines
5.1.2 First aid
5.1.3 Subject guidelines
5.1.4 Fire precautions
5.1.5 Educational visits

5.2 Induction Training

5.2.1 All new members of staff (training and non-training) will be provided with induction training appropriate to their health and safety needs. In the case of volunteer helpers it will be the responsibility of the relevant supervisor to ensure that appropriate information is passed on to them also.

5.2.2 All learners that attend the provision across the wide range of contracts delivered, will be provided with a Induction which will cover a wide range of items from policies to risk assessments and health and safety matters. Once induction is complete, learners will sign the Induction Checklist to say they have been through induction and have spoken about key items during the sessions.

5.3 School Visits

5.3.1 For all school visits the Local Authority procedure guidelines from the Luton Borough’s Children and Learning Department are adhered to. This will include the preparation of a plan of action identifying any special health and safety requirements and how they are to be met. A copy of the procedure is kept in the office. The venues chosen for school visits are as far as practicable to be restricted to those with no significant hazards.

5.3.2 For all visits the appropriate ratios of adults to children is calculated and the necessary staff and adult helpers are provided. A risk assessment must be undertaken and copies passed to the Director.

5.3.3 Before any party leaves the school all accompanying adults are instructed and briefed about the safety and control procedures and all children are briefed and instructed on safety procedure, in particular the need to stay close to the supervising adult at all times.

5.4 Personal Protective Equipment

5.4.1 Personal protective equipment will be provided in accordance with the advice in LEA policy guidelines. Arrangements will be made to check that it is properly used and maintained.

5.5 Medicines

5.5.1 Prescription medicine may be administered to children, but only at the specific request of the parent or guardian and after the completion of an indemnity form. All such medicines will be stored in the office away from children and will be permitted to be self administered under the supervision of a competent adult.

5.6 Sources of Further Advice on Health and Safety Matters

5.6.1 The project will seek specialist advice on health and safety from the Health and Safety Unit or Occupational Health Unit of Personnel Consultancy Division, Luton Borough Council or other appropriate source, where matters are outside the competence of the provisions personnel.

Please also refer to the ASR RIDDOR Reporting Policy for more serious accidents.