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What is mentoring?



Mentoring has been an established tool used by ASR in order to develop individuals by helping them reach their full coveted potential. Along with mentoring young people within the Biscot Ward, ASK ASR was created to branch out to those that they may find it difficult to access the facilities that ASR has to offer. The project has been able to branch out to other areas of concern, most notably college students within Luton Sixth Form College and Barnfield West Academy. The project has been able to steer young people who require assistance within their studies by helping them develop clear revision timetables in order to balance their revision and in order to ensure success when it comes to taking their important exams. Mentors within the project have also been able to guide and advise their mentees with clear career information once they decide to complete their studies. The mentor uses their experience in a factilitative manner to support the development of the mentee. This relationship provides an opportunity for the mentee to develop and benefit from the process, two of the key aims that the ASR Project wishes to uphold amongst its development of young people.