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Youth Management Team 


Youth Management Team (ASR YMT) – The establishment of ASR’s Youth Management Team is simple. It gives the very same young people who have been developed by ASR’s extensive portfolio of services the opportunity to express and utilise the skills they’ve learnt by granting them with responsibilities and opportunities in managing and directing the very same services that they, themselves have learnt from. Along with managing and directing ASR’s own extensive portfolio, the team are also given the chance to create their own projects that they feel would be beneficial to society. The ASR Study Club was born from this approach, conceived and crafted by the very same team of devoted young people, aged from 14-19. Its success is evident, as their direction has lead to vivid acclaim through the range of extensive projects that have been tweaked, developed and delivered by the team themselves.

It is not an overstatement to regard ASR as one of the leading community development organisation In the Borough of Luton. ASR is driven by the youth of today which in turn empowers young people to do more around the community. The projects that are delivered are very innovative, which encourages even more young people to engage with the initiatives.

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