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ASR Summer & Half Term Project

ASR Summer & Half Term Project


ASR Summer and Half Term Project – During the academic holidays, volunteers from ASR still cater and construct vivid projects to engage young people to enjoy themselves in a friendly, secure environment. With both the Summer and Half Term projects being an exceptional success, ASR’s credibility in ensuring that the needs of young people are catered for, even during academic holidays is highlighted. These projects, usually spanning across most of the holidays that they are designed for, are full of engaging and exciting fun activities that not only keeps young people entertained, but also teaches them an array of skills and expertise that they can then use to extend their capabilities in employment, education and many other professional fields they’ll be pit against after they finish the project through the extensive workshops that ASR also deliver. Along with the range of activities that participants are entitled to, such as kabadi, football, video game tournaments for the boys, and dance classes, fashion shows and makeup workshops for the girls, participants are also granted access to the portfolio of ASR’s services such as free access to ASR’s Study Club, one to one mentoring delivered through the ASK ASR project and participation in ASR’s Elites F.C. football club along with the diverse range of developing services that ASR is critically acclaimed of offering to enhance the development of young people. With over 150 participants at this year’s Summer Project aged from 8 to 18, and a skilled team of 40 volunteers aged from 13 to 19, it is evident how successful ASR really are in the path of developing young people.

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