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Do Something Amazing

Do Something Amazing


Do Something Amazing – The Do Something Amazing project enables young people to develop their leadership skills and to make a positive lasting contribution to society. Through ASR’s collaboration with local charities, young people are able to develop themselves and lead themselves onto stamping positive change within society. Through the experience of conceiving and developing a charitable fundraising campaign, the young people involved are guaranteed to leave feeling empowered and as a result develop a greater sense of social responsibility. The project exposes all young participants into a field of professionalism through the constant contact with professionals from the private and public sector, as a means of developing an array of new skills and gaining knowledge that’ll help such young people develop and make their campaigns a positive success. The project has been able to motivate such young people to believe in themselves, and unleash their full potential through mentors that are supporting them throughout the project. The project itself focuses young people to participate in a number of capacity building workshops in order to raise and develop their skills and awareness surrounding the creation of a successful fundraising campaign. The workshops are often delivered by key influential figures within both the private and public sector, such as Orange, Global Island, Aviva Investors, and Luton Town Football Club. Young people are then divided into teams, in which they most collaborate and aim to raise a minimum of £500 through the skills they’ve learnt and development for the cause they’re raising for. Much similar to a Young Apprentice boardroom experience, each team must then develop their own project plans and present them to a panel that is comprised of local professionals from the community for approval. Throughout the years, the project has been able to raise money for a range of notable causes, for example the L&D Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Cancer Research UK, Keech Hospice and Luton’s very own Food Bank. The outcome of the project guarantees that participants will leave with a greater sense of self esteem and confidence, a greater sense of community responsibility, the development and utilisation of core employability skills, and most importantly the resilience towards negative peer pressure and the development of more optimistic attitudes towards others in society. The project Itself embraces the energy and drive of young people, and channels that same energy and enthusiasm into providing a platform for the young people of Luton to create a lasting impact of positivity.


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