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About Us

About us

In 2007, the Actively Strengthening Resources Project – commonly known as ASR Project, was born. With the aim of developing young people through the initiative of sport, ASR has evolved throughout the years into a project that has been able to support young people through a various range of initiatives, with all branches incredibly held upright by a team of devoted young volunteers from within the local community. The organisation continuously explores local and global issues that affect and shape young people’s lives, and as a result provides necessary support and training to help these young people to develop knowledge, self-awareness and most importantly confidence.

ASR prides themselves on building an organisation that is focused on 3 Core Values, and that is Achieve,Succeed, and Reward. These values enable ASR to attract the most deprived young people in the community, which gives ASR the opportunity to help, support, mentor and steer these young people into becoming a stronger learner or get them back into mainstream education or employment. This also uniquely positions them for success. ASR’s open communication and a results-driven approach foster an enthusiastic, stimulating environment that allows their organisation, staff and learners to develop and grow.

Young people are under a lot of pressure today. Record numbers of young people within society are unemployed. Education, relationships and peer pressure and cause and uphold a harmful layer of stress. The ASR Project is built from the ground up to support these young people into a path of self-reliance, enriched with life skills that will enhance their futures and steer them into futures complete with prosperity and success.

Antisocial behaviour, racism and violence are often terms that are used in the same sentence; however they do nothave to be. This is the core reason as to why the ASR Project was founded. Many issues within society are present, the majority of which have deeply rooted causative factors. Living in an area plagued with detrimental problems, ranging from drug and alcohol abuse, to a sharp rise in anti-social crime prevalent within the youth, the ASR Project has been able to tackle such problems and continuously aims to gridlock these specific issues to ensure a better and safer community for everyone.

As a result, ASR Project is still developing and offering services and projects that are closely tailored to meeting the specific needs of young people within the local society. Under the umbrella of ASR, we have delivered the following –

ASR Elites F.C. 

ASR Study Club

ASR CommUnity

ASR Learning Centre

ASR Design

U.N.I.T.Y. (Uniting the Nation by Inspiring Yoday’s Youths)


The BIG Talk

William Austin Project

Do Something Amazing

Community Mums

ASR Summer and Half Term Project

Youth Management Team (ASR YMT) 

It is not an overstatement to regard ASR as one of the leading community development organisation In the Borough of Luton. ASR is driven by the youth of today which in turn empowers young people to do more around the community. The projects that are delivered are very innovative, which encourages even more young people to engage with the initiatives.